Tell Daniel Andrews to Open Our Schools

Our students are suffering. They are falling behind in their education.

They are missing their friends which is taking a real emotional toll, while Andrews enforces a longer than necessary lockdown on Victorians.

It’s not just parents, students and school staff that are concerned about the incredible challenges our school students are being forced to endure throughout the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to Daniel Andrews’ second wave.

Victorians everywhere are concerned about our students being left behind the other states. It is not good enough that the return for students in Years 3 to 10 has been pushed off into the never-never.

In New South Wales, schools were effectively closed for classroom learning for just 29 days. Victorian students have been away from the classroom for the better part of six months.

Pledge your support for schools to reopen safely for classroom teaching in Term 4.

We want our schools open so kids can get back to school, reconnect with friends, learn for their future and, at all times, be safe.

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