Daniel Andrews and Labor's failures​

The avoidable deaths of over 700 Victorians due to Labor’s second wave of COVID-19

The botched hotel quarantine program that caused the second wave, including refusing to accept ADF support

Lying to a Parliamentary committee claiming ADF support was never offered to Victoria for hotel quarantine when it had been

Contact tracing failures which have prolonged Victoria’s second wave

The cuts made to the public health team, making them the nation’s least resourced heading into the pandemic

Imposing an arbitrary and potentially illegal curfew without the advice of the CHO

Causing the closure of thousands of businesses and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs

Public housing lockdown and effects on multicultural communities

Failure to properly protect frontline healthcare workers with appropriate PPE

Mental health effects on Victorians, and particularly young Victorians

The handling of the Cedar Meats cluster

Lying about virus modelling supporting the harsh restrictions imposed on Victorians

Green-lighting the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne’s CBD where 10,000 protesters broke health rules without fines

Setting virus suppression targets that world-leading scientists say are unduly onerous

Risking Victorian and Australian sovereignty through Belt and Road

Victoria's major infrastructure projects being over-time and over-budget with the state entering recession prior to the pandemic

Disrupting the education of all Victorian students

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